Why Wellness Retreat

Mediation at Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat

A Wellness Retreat program is likely the most rewarding gift you will ever give yourself. It is essentially a chance to get away from your everyday life and focus solely on yourself.  Undoubtedly, we all need time to decompress, and the only way to truly do this is to slow down and just be with ourselves.

Retreat means ‘a place of refuge, seclusion or privacy’.

Shanti-Som provides exactly this — a safe space for our guests to get away from the stresses, responsibilities and rush of daily life. More importantly, it’s time to connect with your inner self and find peace so that you can approach relationships, work and lifestyle with the best footing.

Is a Wellness Retreat Program for you?

You may want to consider choosing a Wellness Retreat over a conventional ‘sight seeing’ holiday if you find yourself thinking any one of the following:

  • I’m tired and feel lethargic all the time
  • I feel stuck in my life
  • I want to get into shape and have more energy
  • I need inspiration and want to find my passion
  • I am completely stressed and overwhelmed
  • I need some space but can never get alone time
  • I don’t have direction or purpose in life.


Do Wellness Retreats actually work?

As part of a study into the benefits of wellness retreats, it found that after a one-week holistic, residential retreat, participants showed substantial improvements in their psychological and physical health.

The most interesting statistic, however, is that six weeks later, these substantial improvements continued.

Researchers concluded, “these results suggest that retreat participants enjoyed benefits over and above the ‘vacation effect’ from being away from routine domestic and work activities.”

Feel rejuvenated in a relaxing supportive environment.

You have access to professional guidance to help find direction and inspiration to identify and achieve your goals. Furthermore, we want to inspire and motivate our guests to be their best self, whilst nurturing the journey.

Find peace away from daily routines.

You don’t have to worry about planning your schedule, reservations, Airport Transfers, waiting lines, finding directions etc. A retreat allows you to focus solely on your own wellbeing. More importantly, everything will be taken care of by our staff.

Meet like-minded people.

Connect with strength in a positive and encouraging environment with other travellers from around the world seeking the same truths as you.

Break bad habits.

Gain an understanding on how to self-care holistically with nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing. We aim to teach our guests to carry on a healthy and happy lifestyle in a way that is sustainable and realistic.

Eat well.

Most of our programs include breakfast, lunch and dinner which means we take care of all your meals and dietary requirements.  Indeed, we know this can be one stress that you just don’t need whilst on holiday. Rest assured, our kitchen ensures each meal is balanced in nutrition and taste.

Detox from social media and technology.

Take a break from staring blankly at your mobile phone. Remember, social media can cause stress, anxiety and depression. So, relax and indulge in body treatments or just take time to read, journal and enjoy nature.

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