Yoga Retreat

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This Yoga Retreat in Spain focuses primarily on the movement and spirit of Yoga through the use of breathing techniques, exercise and mediation. We believe Yoga helps improve health and happiness by resetting the mind, so we are no longer preoccupied with everyday stress.

Yoga is a beautiful flow of energy. Through the movement of our body it extends to our minds and the way we interact with the world. How we treat others and spread energy around us- with kindness, patience and respect. All of this comes from focusing on our breath, mindfulness and the practice of gratitude.

Our teachers offer a variety of practices including Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. The size of Group Classes are limited. Ensuring you get personalised attention and reinforcement both on and off the Yoga mat.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert. Our Yoga Retreat is especially created for those who want a short break from the stresses of the world and to reconnect with their inner self. We take a careful gentle approach to ensure our guests always feel secure and comfortable with the movements and ideas.

Join this Yoga Retreat and leave feeling lighter, grounded and at peace.

Inclusions3 Nights5 Nights7 Nights10 Nights
3 Healthy Shanti-Som Meals per day35710
Yoga group Classes481216
Meditation group sessions1356
Wellness Massage (30 min)1000
Spa Treatment (60 min)0112
Group Hike 0001
Shanti-Som 500ml drink bottle0111
Retreat Price / night (incl. room)€ 361,00€ 366,00€ 368,00€ 366,00
 Book 3 nightsBook 5 nightsBook 7 nightsBook 10 nights

What are the benefits of a Yoga Retreat

Participating in Yoga classes can ease loneliness and provide an environment for group healing and support. Even during 1:1 sessions loneliness is reduced as one is acknowledged as a unique individual, being listened to and participating in the creation of a personalized yoga plan. At a Yoga Retreat you have an extended period of time with a group of like minded people, so it’s a great opportunity to relax and truly immerse in the Yoga experience.

Yoga Retreats by Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat

3 day Yoga Retreat

If you are looking for a quick introduction into a Wellness Retreat and looking to kick start a more healthy lifestyle, 3 days is a great choice. You’ll get a feel for what your body and mind is capable of with some dedicated time away from your normal life. Let someone else take care of your meals, schedule and be guided by our Wellness Team. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and wanting to do it again!

5 day Yoga Retreat

You will probably find after two days of stretching and bending your body for hours at a time you may start to feel some aches and pains. But with anything, by day three you will start to see new muscle definition in your stomach, legs and shoulders, as well as improved flexibility. A 5 day Retreat is the perfect amount of time to further strengthen your movements and routine. It won’t just be your body that you notice improving. With a combination of regular yoga, relaxation, nutritious food and sunshine, our guests start to look and feel better with improved skin, brighter eyes and relaxed bodies. Most importantly, happier.

7 Day Yoga Retreat

Turn on your Out of Office and Do Not Disturb on WhatsApp and Social Media. This is the perfect balance for those who can take that extra weekend and a few days away from the office. We encourage you to disconnect from the world and learn to be comfortable ‘just being’ yourself. No social or work pressures as you disappear into a world of movement, relaxation and pampering. With two Yoga sessions and meditation every day, 7 days a week, you will feel yourself walking taller, leaner and confidently.

10 day Yoga Retreat

This is the ultimate wellness holiday for those who are dedicated to kick starting a better and healthier lifestyle. Immerse yourself in our sanctuary of privacy and complete relaxation. In this 10 day retreat you will have additional spa treatments and our guided hike in the Andalusian countryside is also included. During this time you will truly feel at home as you lounge in our cosy reception area or relax by the outdoor pool under Balinese parasols. Your days are relaxed, interspersed with activities and guilt-free time for yourself. Enjoy a few day excursions or simply finish that book that you have been meaning to get to for months. You’ll leave feeling brighter, positive and more energetic.

What is a Yoga Retreat and what can I expect?

If you are new to the concept of a Wellness Holiday, you are probably wondering what a Yoga Retreat is really like. Will you be eating raw vegetables and drinking green juices? Will there be wifi? Is alcohol available? Will there be chanting and tie dye hippies? You can safely put all these theories to rest, as Retreats these days are more realistic on what guests want to achieve – we offer guidelines and opportunities on nutrition, movement, mindfulness, relaxation and sleep. There is no rigid schedule or enforced way of living.

A retreat is not a school, and you won’t be expected to be bending from dusk till dawn. Our Yoga Retreat has two classes per day, usually held in our outdoor pavilion where you can be amongst nature. 

Your meals are carefully created with nutrition and taste in mind. We debunk myths of extra small vegetarian only meals, and instead create mezze platters, fresh salads, specialities from our Asian Wok and flavourful curries. You will be provided with daily choices using the freshest produce in the region. If you are a solo traveller you can expect plenty of opportunity to meet other guests as well as the space in the estate to be alone and relax. We usually have many solo travellers visiting at the same time who end up being friends and return to Shanti-Som together. 

Benefits of doing a Yoga Retreat

You can always just include Yoga in your daily fitness routine. The main benefit of going on a Yoga Retreat is to take a short break from the stresses of the world and to reconnect with your inner self. To not have to rush from work to your Yoga class and rush home again to cook dinner for your family. A Yoga Retreat is time for yourself, to find your passions again and recharge your mind to take on every day challengers with patience and grace. 

Here are a few reasons why Yoga is so good for you: 

Improved flexibility, strength and posture

Yoga helps to stretch and tone your body muscles. There is a misconception you have to be super flexible to do Yoga- at Shanti-Som we aim to show our guests that Yoga can be practised and enjoyed at all levels of ability with the singular aim to strengthen our bodies. Slowly guests can see improvement and gradual loosening so that once impossible poses now become possible. Then you will notice the aches and pains disappear.

  • Strong muscles protect us from conditions like arthritis and back pain.
  • Daily Yoga helps improve posture and you will soon feel you walk taller and sit up straighter.
  • Yoga prevents cartilage and joint breakdown as it helps take your joints through a full range of motions.
  • Yoga poses require movement backwards and forwards, with many twists which help to keep the spinal disks supple.

Weight Loss

Gentle Yoga positions fuel the metabolic system and help burn fat leading to weight loss. Daily Yoga also strengthens the mind-body connection which is important to deal with emotions that are related to issues such as using food to suppress feelings.

Improved Fitness

If going to the gym and huffing and puffing with weights is not your idea of a fun workout then Yoga can give all that a gym can but in a peaceful, safe and holistic way. Yoga is a combination of cardio and strength training.

Reduced Stress

Studies have shown that Yoga can help regulate the heart  rate variability which means the heart rate is generally lower, giving the body the ability to handle stress more effectively. It has shown that cortisol levels become significantly lower after practising Yoga which results in lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Increase in Energy & Immunity

Practising some Yoga positions each day helps to awaken the main energy centres (chakras) in your body and to circulate the blood flow, open the chest and encourage you to take in more breath.

  • Yoga helps you focus: Yoga practice improves coordination, reaction time and memory as it focuses us on the present.
  • Boosts your immune system: meditation appears to have a beneficial effect on the immune system, boosting it when needed

Types of Yoga and what does Shanti-Som offer

Hatha Yoga

A gentle and slower practice ideal for beginners to stretch and develop flexibility, find balance and improve mental focus. Hatha yoga is an alignment-based class to develop awareness of one’s own body and explore basic postures.

Vinyasa Yoga

A more dynamic and faster pace style of yoga. It is a flow, connecting one posture to the other using the breath, like a choreography. Great for developing strength, flexibility, grace and vitality. Because it is more energetic than most traditional forms of yoga, it burns more calories. It is also an opportunity to learn more challenging postures to advance your practice.

Yin Yoga

This class is all about relaxation and a deep stretch for ultimate zen! It is a more passive style of yoga: postures are primarily done on the floor and held for longer to allow for a deeper, grounding and more restorative practice. Most poses are supported with props like blocks, bolsters and blankets to so that you can sink deeper and release tension accumulated in the muscles and free your fascia memory.

A practice for deep release of tension in tight spots and areas of holding, a deeper connection with the breath, slowing down your heart and calming the nervous system.

Iyengar Yoga

Unlike Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar yoga poses are held for longer periods of time. When stability is achieved in a pose, it’s then possible to safely intensify the depth of the posture. This helps to help develop strength and flexibility, along with sensitivity and awareness between the body and mind.

Iyengar yoga recognises that all bodies are unique and have different strengths and weaknesses. It therefore advocates the use of props – blocks, chairs, belts, and blankets to help students to gain the correct alignment suitable for their individual body. This ensured that asanas could be practised safely and harmoniously.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a beautiful flow of energy. Through the movement of our body it extends to our minds and the way we interact with the world. How we treat others and spread energy around us- with kindness, patience and respect. All of this comes from focusing on our breath, mindfulness and the practice of gratitude. Studies have shown that Yoga can help regulate the heart  rate variability which means the heart rate is generally lower, giving the body the ability to handle stress more effectively. It has shown that cortisol levels become significantly lower after practising Yoga which results in lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Daily meditation is also included in our Retreat to teach us to slow our minds. The aim of meditation is not to get rid of our thoughts but to change our relationship with them. If there are lots of thoughts, that’s fine, but we can learn not to be absorbed by them, not to get entrapped by them. Our Yoga Retreat teaches you how to

  • Discover that you are designed to be happy
  • Realize your mind is not too active for meditation
  • Train your mind to choose happiness

The meaning of Namaste

‘Nama’ means bow; ‘as’ means I and ‘te’ means you, so namaste literally means ‘bow me you’ or ‘I bow to you’.

It’s rather formal, for example in Asian culture, it’s most often used as a greeting of deep respect, reserved for elders, teachers, or other honourable. To use Namaste in Yoga, the teacher usually initiates it as a symbol of gratitude and respect to the students and their own teacher. Namaste can be used as an expression of appreciation and respect towards another person. It can be used as a hello or goodbye greeting, so you might say Namaste upon meeting someone, or before parting ways.


For Yoga class it’s best to wear leggings or loose/stretchy trousers, a sports bra (for women), and a yoga top that won’t fall over your head if you go upside-down. A warm sweater to put on at the end of practice – you might get cold during Savasana or meditation, even if the weather is warm. When you’re on the mat, you won’t need shoes. It’s handy to have a pair of shoes which are easy to slip on and off, like flip flops or sandals. 

At Shanti-Som we have all the Yoga props available for use, free of charge. This includes Yoga mat, bolsters, pillows, blankets, straps and blocks. Feel free to bring your own if you prefer! 

Many of our guests embark on a hike during their retreat. So pack some hiking boots or runners as well as comfortable clothing for meditation and any other fitness classes you may choose to do. 

You will most likely be relaxing by our outdoor swimming pool so don’t forget sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.  Pick some simple, easy-to-pack outfit for dinners or day excursions – something that makes you feel good!

We can assure you that our Yoga teachers are able to provide personalised tips and pose variations so that everyone is moving within their limits. We truly believe that wherever you are on your fitness and wellbeing journey it is where you are meant to be, and we are here to facilitate growth and inspire change. 

Should you wish to deepen your Yoga practice and get personalised instructions, we offer private yoga classes for € 75. During this session we can get an understanding of your body, any injuries and your goals. Some people want to improve flexibility, want to establish a daily stretching routine or to master a particular pose. 

Please contact our Wellness Team to pre-book a private yoga class.

Retreat prices are calculated based on the length of your stay, and are specified above in our inclusions table. Nightly prices include accommodation however may vary depending on the room selection and the number of people staying (single or double occupancy). 

Follow us

    Audrey is Shanti-Som's resident Yoga Instructor. To be honest she's a lot more than that to our guests as she guides them on a journey of self discovery and awareness. Audrey believes in a holistic approach to wellness where physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are all connected. She hopes through the practice of Yoga, guests discover the best version of themselves, to live a more peaceful and joyful life, and to find the grace and kindness to be better to others. Audrey's genuine and personable nature sparks a lot of inspiration and motivation in her classes. As she comes up to her 3 year anniversary with Shanti-Som, we would like to say a big thank you to her for helping our guests discover a more happy, calm and confident way of being. 
Audrey loves spending time in nature and when not teaching Yoga she can be found hiking, camping or travelling. 
#meettheteam #hospitality #shantisomwellbeing #shantisom #marbellaretreat #wellnessretreat #yogaretreat #yogalife #yogateacher #holistichealth #wellnessteam #marbslife #grateful #team #marbellalife #hotelhospitalityBeauty is being exactly who you are. Beauty is believing in yourself and remembering that you are worth it. Beauty is being kind to others and also being kind to yourself. Beauty is being able to give and receive love. Beauty is accepting yourself for who you are and standing tall in that truth. 
It begins by simply being yourself 🌼
#mindfulmonday #healing #gratitude #selfcare #inspiration #beauty #selflove #yogaretreat #positivevibes #energyhealing #coaching #personaldevelopment #love #wellnessmarbella #quoteoftheday #wellnessretreatNur will be the one who welcomes you with a big cheerful smile at our Reception. Making our guests feel at home is her love and talent. Nur is a curious and outgoing team member who enjoys meeting guests from all over the world. This taps into her love for travel, exploring new places and cultures. She is passionate about living in the moment, self development and personal growth. Thank you to Nur for her dedication to hospitality and providing a superior guest experience at Shanti-Som. 
#meettheteam #hospitality #shantisomwellbeing #shantisom #marbellaretreat #wellnessteam #wellbeingretreat #grateful #team #retreatspain #marbellalife #travel #hotelhospitalityEvery day is a fresh start. Slow down, let the worries of yesterday go. Today is what matters, and you are in control! 🙌
#mindfulmonday #gratitude #actwithgrace #selfcare #inspiration #tbt #yogaretreat #meditation #positivevibes #peresonaldevelopment #coaching #energyhealing #lifegoals #retreatyourself #wellnessmarbella #marbellalifestyle #quoteoftheday #inspiration #wellnessretreatWelcome to our Yoga Retreat. We encourage you to disconnect from the world and learn to be comfortable ‘just being’ yourself. No social or work pressures as you disappear into a world of movement, relaxation and pampering. Let someone else take care of your meals, schedule and be guided by our Wellness Team. With two Yoga sessions and meditation every day, you will find yourself walking taller, leaner and with more confidence.
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🎥 @a_touch_of_tinksJuan Antonio has been part of our team since 2013 and is at the heart of our Retreat in the Shanti-Som kitchen as Head Chef. His signature dishes have become staple menu items that repeat guests look forward returning to, time after time. After tasting one of Juan Antonio's meals, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the heartiness and complexity of flavours, which is contrary to what people believe is served at a Wellness Retreat. In addition to cooking, he loves cinema and music. 
Thank you Juan Antonio for bringing life and joy to 'healthy eating'. 
What are your favorite dishes on our menu?
#wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeing #meettheteam #chef #cookingishismusicIt’s Monday again and are you moving at a million miles an hour to get everything done? Trying to please everyone? Often our weeks are tiring and to make our weekends exciting we over stretch our commitments. 
Today we ask you to stop. When we over commit, stay in places we don’t want to be or be around people who diminish our energy we create unnecessary negativity. 

Try for this week, just do YOU! Do the things that make YOU happy! 💫

If you struggle with this, what is stopping you from saying ‘no’ to the things you don’t want to do? Leave a comment 👇 
#mindfulmonday #selfcare #doyou #behappy #inspiration #tbt #yogaretreat #doyoga #meditation #positivevibes #energyhealing #personaldevelopment #coaching #lifegoals #retreatyourself #wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeingFinally #friyay! 
Have a RELAXED WEEKEND, TAKE CARE of you, get enough ME-TIME and keep in mind that there well be ONE HOUR EXTRA on sunday with time-change for those living in CET! ⏱️

#wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeing #weekend #timechange #relaxOur next member on #teamthursday is someone who acts more likely behind the scene: VALENTINA TUDOSE - most of the people know her as „Tina“. 

She is one of our lovely fairies from the housekeeping team who ensure that our guests find everything in perfect order and cleanliness, so they are able to concentrate entirely on themselves, their process and their relaxation. ✨

Tina says that she loves to be in nature and when she came to Shanti-Som in 2016 for the very first time the first thing she thought: Oh wow, that nature here! After 6 years she is still grateful every day when she comes up to work or looks out of a window that she can work in such a lovely place. 

Thank you Tina for your work! We are so happy to have such a warm-hearted person on our team 🙏🏼

#wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeing #housekeeping #teamwork #naturelover #natureNATURE IS THE PUREST PORTAL 
- Angie Weiland Crosby -

Lucky us, that our small sanctuary is deeply rooted in lush, flourishing nature to make it even easier for you to walk on the path towards your own ‘Shanti‘.

We can’t wait to welcome you here and guide you! 🙏🏼

#innerpeace #nature #shanti #healing #wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeingWe think, that you can count the total amount of rain days here in Andalusia on both of your hands.
BUT if it rains, we see it as natural refill for brand new SHANTI-SOM bottles. 😉💦
On the other 355 days with ☀️ you can refill your bottle at one of several dispenser around our hotel for free. 
And the best thing: when you stay 5 nights or more, you get the bottle for free! 
That is what we call a #sustainablesunday 
- we hope, you have a relaxed one! 🧘🏽

#sustainability #refill #refillyourbottle #wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeingOur next team member on #teamthursday is JUAN ARANA TORRES, one of our lovely hosts in the restaurant. 
With a never fading smile, Juan serves at Shanti-Som since 2017 already. If he can not be with his Shanti-Som family and bringing his passion in serving you your favorite dish, he loves to be with his own family most. Especially with his little daughter. 
We appreciate your warm-hearted service for all of our guests, Juan!

#wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeing #teammember #stafflove #appreciationJUST SOUND ON: Get your daily dose of SHANTI here by listening to nature and water for only a couple of seconds. 
And soak in a little bit of Andalusian sun rays… ☀️
Have a lovely day! 💙

 #shanti #getshanti #relax #relaxation #soundon #healingenergy #heamingvibrations #wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeingWhat we mean when we talk about our 

When you enter our gate you will immediately feel a glimpse of your „SHANTI“, your INNER PEACE, because the nature around us gives us access to our very own nature. 

Can you feel it? 🌴☀️🌿

What is the most important thing for you to find your SHANTI? ☮️

#innerpeace #shanti #truenature 
#wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeingStairway to haven and heaven.
Who can agree? 🌴🧘🏽‍♀️🧖🏼

We want to know what you would like to see here on our IG channel: 
More photos? Videos? Tips? Recipes? Workouts? Just nice holidays vibes? Something else?
Let us know in the comments! 👇🏼

#wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeingToday is #teamthursday 
- and we would like to start this new series to introduce our lovely family (other call them „staff“ or „ team“ 😉) with our 
Christine is with Shanti-Som since 2011 already - wow! Isn’t this just the best proof of how amazing our little haven must be?
She is the one who is responsible for all processes on-site, taking care of the whole team, getting things done from changing the menu, setting up a new computer system for a better customer experience to ordering new fences. Obviously a „Allround-Talent“. 🙌🏼
When being asked that she loves most, Christine answered: 
Genuine and loyal friends 
- and that is exactly what you feel, when you meet her for the first time: Welcoming everyone as friend and part of the Shanti-Som Family! 💙

#wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeing #teamthursday #intro #teammember #bestteamoftheworld🇪🇸 ¡ Feliz Fiesta Nacional de España ! 🇪🇸
In honor of this special day for Spain we’ve shared 3 amazing hiking routes in beautiful Andalusia in our latest blog article. ⛰️🥾🌳
This amazing sunrise is recorded on top of “La Concha”. Starting point is only 10 min drive away from Shanti-Som, the hike up to this point is in total around 3:15’-3:30’ (one direction and depending on your speed of course).
Have a lovely (holi-)day!

#hikingspain #marbellatourism #fiestanacional #spainlove #andalusia ##wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeing #laconcha #sunrise #sunrisehikeWe would like to invite YOU to become part of our lovely SHANTI-SOM FAMILY and we are beyond excited to meet YOU. ✨
We know that there a busy times out there in this world so that’s why we have a special winter offer for you:

✨ 15% off ALL RETREATS in NOV & DEC 2022* ✨

We want to support all humans out there on their journey of wellbeing, rejuvenating and restoring. 
Make yourself a gift of taking care of your body and you before heading into winter and Christmas festivities. 


*for online booking please use code CAMP-CHRISTMAS2022 and code only applies for stays more than 3 days

#wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeing #specialoffer #winterpromo #promotion #selfcare #welcometothefamily #tribememberHonoring World Mental Health Day by reminding you of … YOU. ✨
It all starts with you. 
Finding peace inside of yourself when everything around you is shaky, challenging or - like we say in spanish - „going loco“ (= crazy) is the most essential thing to support your mental health. 

Connecting to your breath will make it much easier for you to come back to yourself,  to check-in with you and reset and recalibrate for some moments. 
We’ve put some beneficial breathing techniques together for you in our blog. Link in Bio.
Share with us and the other followers what is your secret to support your mental health? 👇🏼✨

#worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #supportyourself #motivation #inspiration #breath #breathing #breathingtechniques #pranayama 
#wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeingAre rain, wind, cold and stress already chasing you?
We know a place where you will find peace and your „zen-state-of-mind“ immediately again.
We still have amazing weather here in Andalusia and can‘t wait to welcome you!

#wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeing #newsletter #signup #specialoffer #holiday #vacation #restore #rejuvenate #zenstateofmind #meditationP A U S E &  R E S E T - It’s time for YOU. Discover the magic of disconnecting from daily life and connecting with nature 🍃 
#wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeingretreatWhenever you choose to practice yoga, remember to honour it as a sacred time for your body and mind. Leave your daily routine and stress, learn to listen to what your body needs that day. Move at your own pace, and develop intuition about what sequences or kinds of yoga poses you want and need to do. 
In a group class this may mean making modifications if your body is feeling tired, or challenging yourself if you are feeling energetic. It’s your time and your practice to be who you need to be 🧘‍♀️ 
#retreatlife #wellnessescapes #placestovisit #holidaydestination #holidayinspiration #andalucia #yogaretreat #yogapractice #gratitude #breath #wellness #connect #mindbodysoul #yogini #yogaflow #wellnessmarbella #marbellawellness #marbellawellbeing #wellbeingmarbella #retreatmarbella #marbellaretreat #retreatspain #wellbeingretreat
#marbella #marbs #spainholiday #yogaretreatspain #marbellalifestyle #shantisom #shantisomwellbeing

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