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Beyond the beautiful scenery and our retreat programs, what makes our little spot in Spain truly special is our Shanti-Som team. They are the ones who create an authentic and truly transformative experience.

We strive to be approachable, always truthful and sincere, to have dedicated passion for our work, to respect others irrespective of age, race and/or religion, to have courage to embrace change, and to deliver exceptional and exemplary service 24/7 to everyone and anyone who walks through our doors.

Hotel Manager

Alicia brings brings dynamic energy and extensive tourism industry experience from Marbella, Madrid, and Mexico. She has a passion for developing and supporting the team to achieve the highest possible standards and beyond. 

“Supporting clients and my team is crucial to me, making sure all their needs are met, ensuring the timely and successful delivery of solutions, while maintaining the highest quality standards thanks to the knowledge I have acquired in the industry.”

Reception Team

From the moment you arrive we take every measure to ensure you feel welcome and at ease. We want to make sure you can completely decompress from stress, noise and focus on harmonizing your body and mental wellbeing.

Our intimate setting gives a feeling of ‘residential’ rather than ‘hotel’ and with only 15 guest rooms our staff are able to attend to each and every one personally. Our Front Desk team is available 24 hours and are happy to help in any way possible.

Fitness Team

Our fitness team includes personal coaches, Yoga, Fitness and Pilates instructors. Our fitness trainers ensure a personalised plan is formulated to suit your body, strength and style.

They will show you a workout regime designed to meet your fitness level that also can stretch you to meet achievable goals.


Wellbeing Coach

The Shanti-Som team is here to help our clients find personal freedom and live a life well lived through nutrition, exercise, and a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Our Wellbeing Coach takes a holistic approach to achieving personal wellness goals by recognising our health involves a lot more than just a proper diet but also the right frame of mind. By empowering clients to take responsibility for their health and setting them up for success with the right tools and knowledge, we are better able to achieve overall health rather than using one off diets.

Our Wellbeing Coach teaches clients to nurture a positive relationship with food and their body, to create a balanced healthy lifestyle whilst juggling everyday life. Ultimately, once our clients leave Shanti-Som we hope they continue to make happy and healthy lifestyle choices.

Beauty Therapist

Our Beauty Therapists are specialists in conducting skin analysis and providing recommendations on skin care regimes to suit your skin type and lifestyle. Our team also provides massage treatments, facials, manicure, pedicure, waxing and holistic treatments such as reiki, soul reading and harmonium healing.

The friendly team will put you at ease to enjoy your treatments in complete relaxation.

Kitchen and Restaurant Crew

It goes without saying that the food we serve at Shanti-Som is integral to the success our clients feel on their wellness retreat. The team behind the food have enormous amounts of passion and go over and above to ensure the freshest ingredients are procured and nutritionally balanced meals created. After an intense yoga or Pilates workout it’s reassuring to know you’ll be provided with delicious food that aligns with your holistic wellness goals. Best of all there is none of the stress trying to meal plan or even find a restaurant.

This is a huge part of our success as our guests can enjoy a delicious variety of meals knowing it is fuelling their bodies in the best possible way.

Garden & Maintenance Team

A highlight of our Retreat is the ample space to relax in the courtyard, terrace or outdoor pool area. In line with our East meets West theme, our gardens are immaculately maintained with an Oriental theme complete with the sound of waterfalls and fountains.

Our team has a true passion for growing organic produce, herbs and beautiful foliage. Even the owner of Shanti-Som takes personal pride in caring for the gardens together with the team to grow bougainvillea’s, jasmines, lavender and fruit trees.


Our housekeeping team takes utmost pride in making sure your rooms are cleaned to perfection. Special care is taken to maintain a high standard so that guests can retreat to their rooms for complete relaxation. The housekeeping team is very much a part of adding to the friendly and caring ambience that our clients love.


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