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With the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic we have all been spending a lot more time confined at home. This has meant our bodies have not been as active as usual, we may have been making poor food choices and you could be feeling stressed and anxious. It’s time to rest, connect and reclaim yourself – reboost body and soul.

The purpose of this Retreat is to discharge all the emotional baggage that you may be carrying, open up our mind, reboost body and soul, and free your body from mental and emotional toxins.

Recover your energy and vitality. Learn how to initiate a healthy life style to restart your body and soul with healthy detox food, exercise and mindfulness. Get guidance with others to express your fears and how they have changed your life and find together the key on how to get control again over your mind and soul.

This is an ideal Retreat for solo travellers to recharge or as a Couples Retreat for those looking to reconnect with each other in a relaxing environment.

Inclusions3 Nights6 Nights
3 Healthy Shanti-Som meals per day36
Yoga group class23
Pilates group class 12
Meditation group session24
Retreat Guidance (Coaching)11
Reiki or Ayurvedic Massage (60 min)11
Group Hike01
Spa Treatment (60 Min)01
Shanti-Som 500ml drink bottle01
Retreat Price / night (incl. room)€ 446,00€ 406,00
 Book 3 nightsBook 6 nights

Is it safe to travel to Spain right now

Spain recently relaxed its travel restrictions. Current rules dictate that anyone can enter Spain for a vacation, as long as they provide either a certificate proving full vaccination, a negative test or a certificate of recovery.
The test can be a PCR or rapid antigen test.
Travelers can show the EU Digital COVID Certificate or its equivalents to confirm they are fully vaccinated. Spain also accepts equivalent Covid certificates.
Face masks are no longer mandatory in some indoor or outdoors public spaces, but remain compulsory on all public transport.

What is the purpose of going on a Retreat

A Retreat enables you an entire week to check back in with yourself. You have the freedom to do as you please, when you please! Activities such as yoga and meditation invite you to dive deeper into your heart and soul. The space and tranquility can feel strange at first, but soon, you will embrace the chance to just be you, to follow your own needs, and to fall in love with all that you are again.

Having your cup full and feeling truly rejuvenated and alive gives you so much more energy to really be the best version of yourself. When we run on empty all the time, it can be hard to feel grateful for the little things. Life feels hard when we don’t have energy or time on our side. A Retreat enables you to be a better person, a better parent, a better partner, friend, sister, brother, colleague. 

A unique and key benefit at Shanti-Som is our Retreat Guidance. Whilst at Shanti -Som our guests have access to our specialised life coaches who are there to help identify strengths, develop them and focus on ways to achieve personal and professional goals. We believe given the right atmosphere, personal connection, exercise, and healthy eating, we can build on our emotions and let them flourish to create a positive and meaningful life.

What happens on a Retreat

A typical day at a Wellness Retreat will include morning meditation, yoga practice, a healthy nutritious meal plan, a massage treatment and fitness activities such as hikes or personal training. 
At Shanti-Som we do not have a strict busy schedule. Rather we believe your mental health and wellbeing requires a good balance in nutrition, movement and mindfulness. This is not a boot camp so we don’t have ‘restrictions’ or ‘rules.
Ultimately, a Retreat is a place where you meet like-minded people and connect during your experience. Unlike a regular yoga or pilates class where people practice on a casual basis, a Retreat attracts people who are dedicated to learning more about the practice and exploring ways to improve their wellbeing. You’ll form deeper more meaningful connections that will likely help your journey to a happier lifestyle.

How long is a Retreat

A Wellness Retreat is usually 3-7 days. A full week is an ideal time to go on retreat if you want to really shift entrenched patterns and habits, immerse yourself in relaxation or get into new habits and make lifestyle changes. We recommend a minimum of 3 days to see and feel true benefits. Allow yourself the time to relax into the environment and make connections in the community. Only then will you break down social armors.

At Shanti-Som we do offer 1 or 2 night Retreats for those looking for a weekend reprieve. Full Day or Half Day options are also possible for those who are in the local area and not looking for overnight accommodation


The Retreat starts on your day of arrival. Each guest moves through the program according to their own schedule.

Yes! Many of our return guests choose to come alone as it is their private sanctuary away. A lot of people end up finding new connections and friendships during their stay, and return together for their next Retreat.

Our food is heavily influenced with Asian flavours whilst using all fresh ingredients from the region. Being focused on healthy lifestyle we ensure our food is well balanced to fuel the body with energy without compromising on taste. We cater for vegetarian, vegan and any food allergies. Please notify us before your arrival so we can have a special menu prepared.

We are a residential health retreat combining holistic wellness with state of the art facilities including outdoor pool, spa, sauna, Turkish steam bath and gym facilities. Our specialists in yoga and Pilates provide inspiring daily classes and we also have  personal training, meditation, personal guidance/coaching and nutritional guidance. As we are located in a Natural Park you can also enjoy hiking or simply indulge in one of our many spa treatments.

Retreat prices are calculated based on the length of your stay, and are specified above in our inclusions table. Nightly prices include accommodation however may vary depending on the room selection and the number of people staying (single or double occupancy). 

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