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Is it Safe to visit a Wellness Retreat during COVID-19 pandemic?

Going on a wellness retreat does not have to be a thing of the past- we just need to take adequate precautions against Covid-19. Look out for businesses that comply with International Health Standards. For example, the Ministry of Tourism of Andalucia endorses certain businesses in the tourism sector who comply with health standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). This certification called Andalucia Segura guarantees the hotel is a safe place to stay and all services are offered in complete safety.

Guests can feel confident that all the required checklists have been met and ongoing inspections continue to ensure ongoing compliance. The certification can be withdrawn at any stage if the establishment fails to comply with any of the standards set by the Ministry of Tourism.

Shanti-Som has been awarded the Andalucia Segura certificate and continues to uphold the high standards of health and safety every day throughout the hotel facilities and services. During a time of pandemic it is even more important to keep improving our health and mental wellbeing, so a stay at a holistic wellbeing retreat is the perfect antidote.

In addition residents of Andalucia can enjoy 25% off when booking with a Anadalucia Segura certified travel agency.

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When choosing your next holiday destination you will want to consider what safety precautions the hotel is taking, how crowded it will be and what activities there are that minimize the risk of COVID-19. You want to avoid choosing a holiday with a lot of busy tourist attractions, a large resort style hotel with lots of guests or where the weather only allows indoor activities.

Shanti-Som is an intimate 15 room retreat located in the remote Andalucian hills- around us there are no busy restaurants, shops or crowded attractions. Activities at Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat are outdoors and held in small groups to ensure the safety of all guests whilst maintaining a relaxed holiday feeling- after all you don’t want to be constantly reminded of a pandemic. The point is to indulge in blissful seclusion in our hideaway in the hills.

Unlike the rest of Europe, the South of Spain enjoys a mild winter with Andalucian temperatures ranging from 15-24 degrees from October – December.


Key Strategies:

  1. Social Distancing
  2. Compulsory wearing of face masks for all staff and guests
  3. Temperature checking for all staff and guests upon entry. Anyone recorded with a temperature will be refused entry for the safety of guests and staff
  4. Good personal hygiene, hand washing and provision of hand sanitizers
  5. Sanitization of frequent touch points throughout the hotel
  6. Rigorous team training on new operating procedures
  7. Continuous adherence to WHO guidelines on COVID-19 as audited by the Ministry of Tourism in Andalucia.

Our safety measures are extensive and include information about check-in protocols, the restaurant, spa, room upkeep and our new flexible booking policy. Please read our Standard Operating Procedures which are strictly adhered to in accordance with Andalucia Segura reviews.



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A combination of good physical and mental health is crucial to achieving an overall healthy lifestyle and preventing future infections. So a Mindfulness Retreat is the perfect way to get much needed TLC and heal mind, body and soul during this COVID-19 pandemic.

At Shanti-Som our Holistic Wellness Programs are perfect to boost your immune system as it encompasses everything from Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, Hikes, detox and relaxing spa treatments. Our nutritional experts and fitness coaches are ready to greet you and work on your personal goals to strengthen physical immunity and improve mental wellbeing.

Our idyllic setting is the perfect place for anyone to detox and it is our aim to help guests build a positive plan for a healthy lifestyle going forward.

Please read on for more information on our different Retreats and Special Offers at Shanti-Som. If you have any questions please contact us and we would be happy to address any concerns!

Namaste x



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