Meet the people of Shanti Som

Our team of skilled professionals will guide you through daily Yoga practice, fitness, nutrition, de-toxing and healing/holistic therapies for both the mind and body, at a pace that suits you, so that you are able to fully connect to your mind, body and soul. Here at the Shanti Som we speak Spanish, English, Dutch, German, French, Swedish, Slovakian and Rumanian .


Christine was born in Germany and raised in Hamburg, London and New York. She brings vast experience in the luxury hospitality industry having worked in many five star hotels, the majority of which are belonging to the Leading Hotels of the World in USA, UK, France, Switzerland and Spain. Christine is fluent in German, English, Spanish and French. “Personal care, high standards of service and creating a Home away from Home for our clients is my biggest goal.”

Annemarie-kuipersFront Office

Annemarie was born in the Netherlands where she also finished her school. In 1995 she decided to live in Germany to work in the public sector. In 1998 she moved, together with her husband, to Spain and dedicate herself to the hospitality business. Over the years she gained a lot of experience. Annemarie also speaks fluent Dutch, German, English and Spanish. “Helping other people and fulfilling their wishes, the best one can is one of my goals in this life.”


Gonzalo and Antonio Javierimg_2085






Team of Therapists – Personal trainers – Yoga Teachers

Therapist and Beautician




Yoga Teacher

NathalieNathalie was born and raised in Amsterdam. In 2008 she moved to Spain with her family where they live a remote idyllic spiritual life. She originally has followed a 3 year course in Transformational yoga at yoga centre; Sai Mithra, in the centre of Amsterdam.Transformative yoga is a unique combination of Hatha yoga postures, consciousness of the chakras (energy centre), meditation and relaxation. Experiences and thoughts manifest themselves in the body (as tensions, blockades or illness), your self-image, your relations and your actions. As a yoga teacher you never stop learning. She has studied the more detailed approach to yoga as developed by D.K.S. Iyengar and learned to appreciate and teach in the more invigorative yoga styles Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga which will give a total body workout and work the cardiovascular system. You can expect a blend of styles and in private classes we shall look together what approach of yoga will suit your needs and wishes best. “I love yoga for its holistic approach to health! The practice of yoga it is inevitable to become a happier and healthier person!”


img_2108 Sara with both spanish and english origins, grew up in the beautiful surroundings of Sierra de Las Nieves.

After graduating at the Arts University College at Bournemouth, in the U.K in 2010 and having experienced living in London and Mallorca decided to move back to Spain and carry on with another of her many passions, Yoga. Since she was a child she had the enriching opportunity to learn from whom she considers her “maestro” and example to follow, Brian Carling from the European Shiatsu School. The main influences on her yoga practice have been B.K.S Iyengar and the concepts of Vinyasa in Asana.  Sara has attended the tibetan budhist Centre O Sel Ling in the Alpujarras granadinas, a spiritual Retreat Centre where she has been able to deepen her meditation practice. Another very important influence for Sara was Chris Jarmey (yoga teacher and founder of the European Shiatsu School), who introduced her to Qi Gong.


lyma-decroonRegistered Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher

first introduction to yoga was in 1999, and for the past 13 years she has been interested in Hatha, Asthanga, Vinyasa flow, Anusara yoga and Zen meditation.She successfully completed the Teacher Training program through The Integral Yoga Academy, and is registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) of The Integral Yoga Academy in Yogaville, Virginia, USA. Her love for teaching gives her the gift to create a space where students feel empowered to safely explore the gifts their yoga practise can offer, both on and off the mat, as well as honouring the individuality of each of her students. She believes that just takes one step to begin and that yoga is accessible to everyone! “Feel free and enjoy whatever you do!”


LesleyFoot Healer – Reiki Master

Lesley Parry is from the UK and decided to move to Spain a few years ago! She joined the Shanti Som some years ago as a free lance. Her speciality are her “Foot Healings. Our feet reflect our innermost self very accurately as well as our current state of health. They mirror the paths we have already taken and the one we are currently on in life. During a treatment one can discover your behavioral patterns and release those that no longer serve  effortlessly.




VickyNutri Coach  

Vicky born in the Netherlands and in 2006  she decided to move to the South of Spain were she wanted to dedicate her life more to what she really wanted, being a Soul coach and Natural health practitioner . She studied Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Holistic Kinesiology, Reiki and Soul Coaching and a big variety of massages and other body treatments. This mix together with her intuitive abilities is perfect to help people to create a healthy and happy life. ” I like to motivate people to see and feel that all power comes from within!”






img_2193Personal Trainer/Pilates instructor

Javier was born in Andalucia and finished his training in physical education, having previously acquired knowledge of Expression, Body, Acrobatics, Aerobics instructor and Anthropology among others, which development since.

In 2014 he graduated as a Pilates instructor,  mat and machines as Reformer, Cadillac, Chair Wunda, Spinal Correction and other accessories used in this technique that helps a lot in rehabilitation. His personal trainer and pilates classes are fun and motivating. My satisfaction is to amuse the customer with various personal and entertaining training, seeking solutions and changes to reach a certain goal in each of the training and the customer enjoys a dynamic and entertaining way and removal of each session.

“My mission in Shanti-Som is helping our guests to get back on to track  to loose weight, strengthen the body and feel better”








img_2468Jana Jakúbková was born in Trencin, Slovakia. Love brought her to Spain. In the past Jana has worked in beautiful places like Ibiza and the Canary Islands and she now has settled on the beautiful Costa del Sol together with her Spanish family. She has joined the Shanti Som family some years ago and she and Shanti Som are very happy about that! Jana speaks fluent Slovakian, English and Swedish and has some good knowledge of the German language too! ” To deliver the perfect service with the maximum care to our                                    clients is very important to me”

img_1323Amelia is the only local member of the restaurant team. Her lively character fits in perfectly with the team. Amelia speaks fluent French, English and of course her native Spanish. She is a great lover of Nature and spirituality!

“I love working in Shanti Som, not only for the satisfaction of serving the clients a delicious culinary experience, but also because seeing the clients absorbing the positive energy of Shanti Som. I feel I contribute to this beautiful atmosphere and I am putting all my dedication towards this. ”



_REF7312 Housekeeping

Alina Dragan comes from Rumania and has been with the Shanti-Som almost since the beginning. She studied Administration at University. She worked most of her time as Auditor of one of the biggest Restaurant companies in the country. Her health forced her to change the climate and this is why she and her husband decided to move to southern Spain. She is now a very important part of Shanti Som taking care of the cleaning and details that Shanti Som is famous for. “I want our valued customers to feel at home during their stay. The comfort of our clients is my prime priority”.


KitchenJuan Antonio

Juan Antonio Martínez Ortega, from Andalucia, leads the kitchen team of Shanti Som with enormous skill and absolute dedication. His passion for cooking reflects in the dishes that come out of the kitchen. He creates beautiful and healthy recipes that impress our valued customers. Before Shanti Som Juan Antonio was working as a chef in the famous Las Dunas Hotel, at the time member of the Leading Hotels of the World. Although you do not see a lot of Juan Antonio hidden away in the kitchen you may well catch a glimpse of him picking fresh herbs in our gardens “Satisfying our guests demanding palates is my goal. I firmly believe that healthy cooking does not have to be boring”