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Let it flow......

Don´t we all know these moments, days or phases in our live that everything flows? Where everything falls into place and we don´t have to make a lot of effort?

And of course, we also know the moments or phases in our lives when it doesn´t flow at all no matter how hard we try…

Now, where is the difference?  When does energy flow and when does it not?

Lately I was kind of meditating at my home in Marbella, it was more a state of not doing anything, no thinking, just laying on my terrace with my eyes closed and opening myself up for all there was at that moment and I got into a state of ¨becoming your own observer¨. It was as if I had a big screen in front of my face , watching a movie about myself! Beautiful colours appeared, mostly pastel, shiny and soft. They moved around slowly, expanded, no rush, no pause either, no limits….. Really nice to look at!

Then my mind got distracted by something going on in my life which I am not completely happy with and which I am trying to change but I haven´t succeeded so far. The movie on my ¨screen¨ completely changed… no more beautiful colours instead I saw an ugly narrow puppet appearing in black and white. No more flow, no movement at all. So I tried to open up my mind about the subject,  just tried to trust and let go of any opinion or effort I should make to change what I am not happy with. I just tried to accept it and tried to let go. As if it wasn´t that important at all. 

Aha… The ugly puppet disappeared, energy started flowing again, the beautiful colours came back!

So it seems that when I try to control something I am stopping the energy flow and things cannot move at all anymore.  

How could I think that my mind knows better than the universal flow?  By Vicky Schmitz Nutri Coach at Shanti Som - Marbella