Burn-Out is on the rise. In Companies big and small, from the shop floor to executive level, housewives, students and even some children are showing undiagnosed symptoms of Burn-Out.

The term Burn-Out was coined as far back as the 70’s so there is a lot of knowledge available about this condition or state of being. So WHY is it escalating?

It has become normal to be stressed. It’s worn almost as a ‘Badge of Honour’ these days. The busier you are must mean more success.
Rationally we know that this does not make sense and isn’t necessarily true but one of the symptoms of Burn-Out is ‘Loss of Critical Thinking and Clarity’ and the ability to KNOW WHEN YOU NEED TO STOP and re-assess or get support.
The cost is already too high when we begin to notice the signs of Burn-Out or witness them in others.


At Shanti Som we are privileged to assist in the wellbeing of many wonderful people. However, more and more are coming to us not realising that their low energy levels, apathy, loss of direction, loss of creativity (to name just a few) are some of the ‘normal’ signs of Burn-Out.

Our guest’s often come for other reasons but increasingly we are seeing that they are suffering from Burn-Out and haven’t realised that they have gone that far down the ‘Stress’ road. For this reason we are offering this progressive and effective Burn-Out Program with ongoing support where necessary.

  • On this Burn-Out to Freedom Retreat you will :
    o Learn the causes of Burn-Out
    o Learn transformational prevention techniques that will eliminate dissatisfaction and increase
    creativity and productivity
    o Reduce the immediate physical symptoms of stress and with deeply therapeutic treatments
    o Understand how to encourage personal growth and accelerate results on a deeper level
    6 nights accommodation in Full Board
    Daily Yoga Sessions
    Daily Meditation/Mindfulness Techniques
    1 ERA Session (finding and releasing the blocked emotions in the Emotional Body) with one follow-
    up assessment
    2 Reiki sessions
    4 Workshops on How to avoid Burn-Out and life after Burn-Out
    Full access to Swimming Pool, Sauna, Steam Room, Gym according the established opening hours

When you leave us it is our sincere desire that you go knowing that your Future is Beautiful.
FREEDOM is a natural consequence of understanding and healing Burn-Out.

Retreat dates:

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